Happy Chinese New Year

As the Spring Festival approaches, the Overseas Chinese Association in Lithuania sincerely wishes everyone a Happy New Year! In this moment full of festivity and warmth, let us together welcome the Spring Festival of 2024, spreading laughter and affection to every family.

Over the past year, we have faced many challenges together, but we have also embraced much joy. It is through our united efforts that we have overcome difficulties and look forward to a bright future. In this new year, may we unite even more closely, working together to create a more prosperous and beautiful tomorrow.

The Spring Festival is a time for family reunions, and may every family come together to share the joy of togetherness. No matter where we are, with our hearts connected to China, we are all members of one big family. Let us cherish this time with gratitude, spending joyful moments with friends and family, and experiencing the warmth of home.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Overseas Chinese Association in Lithuania wishes everyone good health, success in your careers, and achievements in your studies. May our friendship bloom like the flowers of spring, shining brightly with vibrant colors. In the years to come, may we walk hand in hand, creating more wonderful memories together.

Finally, we wish everyone a very Happy New Year, happiness for your whole family, and may all your dreams come true!

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