Overseas Chinese Association in Lithuania

A non-profit grassroots organization composed of Chinese expatriates residing in Lithuania, registered Chinese enterprises in Lithuania, and other affiliated groups providing community services.

The association's mission

To love the People's Republic of China, abide by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania, and strive to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of the members. In the promising future of China and Northeast European countries building deep economic and cultural cooperation, we aim to promote economic and trade exchanges and cultural interactions between China and Lithuania, strengthen friendly relations with the Lithuanian people, serve our association members, and work towards promoting unity and friendship among compatriots and integration with mainstream society.


Activity review

Through exciting activities, deepen the friendship and unity among overseas Chinese, and pursue our dreams together. United as one, let's move forward hand in hand, creating a more prosperous and beautiful future. Let us become each other's supporting force, sharing laughter and tears, and building a united family together.

President Wang Jinwei of the Overseas Chinese Association in Lithuania, together with the overseas Chinese in Lithuania, wishes the motherland a happy 73rd birthday!
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May every member feel a sense of belonging in the Overseas Chinese Association in Lithuania, let us unite in friendship, and together build a beautiful and harmonious Chinese community. Let us contribute the strength of overseas Chinese to the development of the local society, and become messengers of friendship between China and Lithuania.
Wang Jinwei
President of the Overseas Chinese Association